At Dog Days Daycare we care about your dog.


At Dog Days Daycare, your dog’s well-being comes first. We’ve kept things simple so we can focus on your dog. With more space to run around in and more people for pampering, your little darling will be sure to have a great time and get the best of care.

We offer 3 levels of care depending on the age and skill set of your dog.

Each has special features that address and provide for a dog’s different needs based on development, maturity and experience.



good puppy!

for puppies up to 6 months

young puppy daycare, socialization


for young dogs 6-24 months

adolescent dog, puppy, daycare, Tweenies


for dogs over 24 months

dog daycare
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It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Schedule an interview by phone or email.

2. Print & fill out the client form.

3. Read this info sheet.

4. Bring your dog to Dog Days at your scheduled time.

OK, that was 4!

We will also schedule a 2-hour first visit in which your dog will be monitored, supervised and set up to be successful in our care. The cost for this special visit and the interview is $40 & tax.



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Dog Days Daycare has been absolutely wonderful for our dog Archie.  Lisa and her staff have been extremely patient and understanding teaching Archie very valuable social skills. The positive approach has resulted in him being happy and a well loved pet.  We are very grateful to Lisa for all her help over the years. Thank you Dog Days!


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