We provide a unique learning environment.


 Lisa Kerley Bsc KPA-CTP has been training dogs and teaching classes for over 18 years.


  • She is certified by Karen Pryor Academy, an internationally recognized organization, and Graduated with Distinction.
  • Lisa attends conferences across North America to provide clients with the most up-to-date information and methods.
  • Dog Days hosts international speakers and clinicians to offer the best in their field for clients.
  • Small class sizes assure all students get the attention and time they need.

This all adds up to informative, interesting and enjoyable learning.


Benefit from a certified, experienced trainer.

We use Force-Free Training Methods.

We do not use or suggest the use of choke collars, prong collars, electric shock collars, electric fencing or other tools or methods of force-based training. We believe in the proper use of learning theory and teaching dogs in ways that build skills and confidence, and develop great relationships. It’s fun, fast and efficient – and you know what? It lasts a lifetime!


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Our Classes


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hipPUPS© for Puppies

Join our group puppy classes and puppy socials. Our 6-week set of classes is designed to help you make the most of your puppy’s early socialization period to prepare you and your puppy for the challenges of daily life. Lots of one-on-one help with fun, interactive games and activities – and always time to ask questions too!

babyBrats© for Adolescent Dogs

Have fun in our series of group classes for adolescent dogs designed to give you the skills to navigate the late puppyhood stages with your dog. We focus on teaching impulse control, focus, attention, the beginning steps of a successful recall, polite greeting skills and leash walking. Attention to social skills and time to play too!

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Brats© Basic Obedience and Socializing

This is a 6-week class for friendly and social dogs who are just starting to learn some basic obedience or a class for dogs who may already have some obedience skills but just want some different ways to practice and improve their training.  Focus will be on teaching you how to train a skill from start to finish.  Additionally, we will be working on honing your dog’s social skills and working in some different indoor and outdoor environments to add to their list of socializing experiences.

Brats Partnership© for All Dogs

6 weekly group classes focusing on Basic Obedience, Manners, and Real Life Problem Solving Strategies.Practice solutions to situations you encounter every day with your dog. Join us in a fun, unique and interactive classroom environment. Classes are suitable for dogs of any age.

Brats Partnership© With a Twist!

6 weekly group classes focusing on Basic Obedience but throwing in a twist – Tricks! We include training for a variety of tricks designed to help make working with your dog even more fun. Most of the tricks can be turned into useful obedience skills or vice versa. Classes are suitable for dogs of any age.

Brats Blocks© for All Dogs

Dogs of any age welcome. Each 1 hour group class covers a single topic so that you leave well on your way to success and with the tools you need to help your dog generalize his skills in the “real world”. You name it, we teach it! Some of our popular Topics are: Reliable Recalls; Polite Leash Walking; Go To Your Bed; Scenting Games; Object Targeting; Shaping; Tricks and Games – to name just a few! Check the Calendar for Topics, Dates and Times.

Walk with Me© for All Dogs

Teach your dog to have great leash skills using fun exercises and activities. This 4-week intensive class is designed for dogs of any age.

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Whether you want to create a class to cater to a specific need, such as a regular hiking group, hold one in your yard, or have it filled with just friends,

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Our Cancellation Policy

We keep our class sizes small and therefore have the following policy:

– FULL payment due upon registration.

– Refunds ONLY with 5 or more business days notice of cancellation.

–  a processing FEE of $30 applies to any refunds granted.



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