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Adolescent Daycare for your Young Dog

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Let our knowledgeable, experienced handlers will help your dog develop and maintain good social skills in our Tweenies program.



Adolescence can be a challenging time for both dogs and their families.

Increased size, strength and hormones, can affect play styles, attitudes and the way other dogs respond to your young dog.

Tweenies adolescent dog play


The Tweenies daycare program at Dog Days is set up to deal with the special requirements of your teenager.

We pay extra attention to your young dog, providing consistent handling and boundaries to reinforce self-control and manners.

Extra supervision and our careful selection of playmates help to reinforce good play and appropriate interactions

Tweenies adolescent dog care




Add-on training available during visits:

  • resource guarding
  • crate training
  • leash walking skills
  • handling issues, including desensitization to nail clipping
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Tweenies care

up to 2 hours          23

2-4 hours                 28

4-6 hours                 33

full day                     38


special considerations for tweenies

For many dogs, adolescence is the most challenging stage around other dogs. Extra attention and care is required to ensure interactions are positive and appropriate. As well, dogs of this age may have a particularly difficult time settling with the distraction of other dogs around. For these reasons, most adolescent dogs just starting daycare will need to start with shorter visits.

Does my dog need to be on a flea-control program?

Dogs are not required to be on a chemical management program for fleas.

If a topical treatment is used, a 48-hr period is required before your dog will be able to join playgroups at our facility.

What vaccines does my dog need to attend?

Although annual vaccinations were once common practice, studies indicate they are unwarranted and potentially dangerous. Our vaccine protocols are based on the latest immunology research conducted by veterinary research facilities in North America. An individual and more careful vaccine program for each dog is recommended.

Our protocols are as follows:

– Parvo and Distemper are on our list of Core Vaccines

– We do not require vaccination for Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Parainfluenza Virus, Leptospirosis, Lyme disease, Giardia, or Coronavirus.

– We do not require your dog be vaccinated for Rabies.

– We do not require annual boosters.

– We recommend a titer test to confirm immunity.

Get more info on vaccines here.

My dog hasn't been spayed / neutered yet. Can they attend?

Dog Days does allow unaltered dogs to attend daycare. Because of our level of supervision and experience, we can safely include intact males or females into certain playgroups. Whether daycare is an appropriate choice, will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and on a continuing basis. For the comfort of all the dogs, we ask that intact females not attend when in season. Intact males that are inappropriate or a risk to themselves or the other dogs will not be allowed to attend daycare.

My pup was initially very anxious about nail trimming, but with Lisa’s great handling skills and patience, she is now readily willing to have nails trimmed. I am very grateful that she is in good hands.



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