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What’s your puppy been up to for the first 8 weeks of their life?

Have they been on their own, handled by people outside their core family and had varied and positive socialization experiences?

Even before your puppy arrives home, they may have missed many learning opportunities.

The first 4 months of your puppy’s life are the most critical in their development.

More than any other period of life, this time will influence the adult they will become.



Socialization and vaccination should occur together

Studies indicate that delaying your puppy’s socialization program can have serious consequences for their entire life.

Safe socializing can and must begin as soon as your puppy comes home.

We can provide positive, appropriate and safe experiences for your pup and show you how to, too!




Let us help make the most of your puppy’s vital early learning

Good Puppy! daycare visits include:

  • practice greeting people politely
  • learn to settle
  • develop a preference for appropriate chew toys
  • reinforce good housetraining
  • practice bite inhibition & impulse control through play with other pups and handling
  • learn dog skills with our puppy ambassadors
  • get comfortable being handled & groomed (including complimentary nail clipping)


Have your puppy benefit from the experience of The North Shore’s Puppy Specialist

In addition to taking classes with your new puppy, you can help boost your young one’s learning with our good puppy! daycare program. Playing with other puppies and exposure to ambassador adult dogs will provide invaluable practice with bite inhibition, impulse control and social skills. As well, one-on-one time with the Dog Days puppy team will give your little one extra help with the real life skills she needs.


good puppy! prices

good puppy! care

up to 2 hours        30

2-4 hours               35

4-6 hours               40

full day                   45


special considerations for good puppy!

For your puppy to take advantage of all the special things that we cover in the good puppy! program, a visit need not be longer than up to 2 hours.

If your puppy is able to settle and take appropriate breaks, then she may stay longer than 2 hours, if  you require.


Kennel Cough

Many young dogs will go through a bout of Kennel Cough at some point. Most strains are pretty minor with the puppy having minimal symptoms and the duration being 3 – 7 days. There are a few strains that will cause the pup to be lethargic, display a more intense cough or even lose their appetite. It is best if the pup stays home and rests to assist them in their healing. Avoid heavy exertion, especially in cold or wet weather. Although most strains simply run their course, you can help boost healing and ease symptoms with a some natural support.

PLEASE NOTE: Your dog is not protected from the 100+ strains of Kennel Cough with the Kennel Cough vaccine.

Get more info on Kennel Cough.


Papilloma Virus

This virus is seen mostly in young dogs or those with compromised immunity. Although not serious, this virus is contagious and can be contracted simply by greeting an infected dog. The virus manifests itself as small, white warts typically on the lips or feet. If contracted, no treatment is necessary. Typically, the growths shrink and fall off within 4 – 6 weeks.

We wish to stress that there is no health risk to a dog that picks these up and they cannot be transmitted to people!! Dogs with a good immune system can be exposed and typically will not develop the condition.  Although we ask that dogs not in tip top shape take a break from daycare, dogs with Papilloma may attend daycare.

If your dog gets Papilloma, we suggest  adding colloidal silver to drinking water to help boost their immune system .


At what age can my puppy start?

Puppies are welcome to join our programs once they have been home for 10 days. After this period, if your puppy is healthy and showing no signs of illness, she is ready to join our daycare.


Puppy Vaccines

We encourage puppies to get started in our programs and classes as soon as possible to maximize early learning and positive development. Vaccine and immunology research conducted at Purdue University and the University of Colorado indicate that socialization and vaccination should occur simultaneously. Studies also indicate if socialization is delayed until all puppy sets are completed, there will be a high risk of behavioural issues. These institutions have conducted puppy classes with pups starting at 9-10 weeks of age for more than 2 decades. We have followed the same protocols for over 16 years.

Pups can join classes and socializing programs with one set of vaccines for Parvovirus and Distemper. We do not require Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine to attend.

Get more info on vaccines here.


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