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We are excited to offer this new service!


These one-hour sessions provide your dog with private time and training with a pro while you are at work or play!


There’s an option right for you and your dog!


Sessions available Tuesday – Friday       10am – 4pm



Pro Training Sessions


Need a hand with training?
Whether you are just getting started with your obedience training, feeling a bit stuck or just think your dog would benefit from some extra training time with a certified trainer, this is a great option for you!


  • leash skills
  • recalls
  • jumping up
  • building attention and focus
Let us jumpstart your training!

Skip the Walk Sessions


Are walks stressing you and your dog out?
Dogs that are fearful or reactive can find daily walks or off-property outings a big challenge. How can you provide appropriate exercise that is still safe and comfortable?
This unique service will provide stress-free exercise and loads of mental stimulation to help keep your dog relaxed and happy.
Depending on your dog’s specific needs, the 1-hour session includes a combination of:


  • physical exercise
  • mental stimulation activities
  • fun training games
  • appropriate play


If your dog is in a behavioural program with us, this is a great way to practice skills and prepare for the next stages of training.

Good Puppy Fun and Games


Have a new puppy? Want more than a midday potty break for your puppy?
Finding safe and appropriate options for a young pup while you are at work can be a challenge.
How about an hour of fun, play and training with a pro with 20 years of puppy experience?


  • puppy appropriate play
  • mental games
  • puppy skill building
  • socialization
These sessions will focus on critical skills for your puppy while offering playtime and exercise.

Easy Does it Sessions


Designed for dogs that are taking a break from regular walks or exercise. Restricted exercise regimes can be tough.


  • post-surgery
  • on restricted exercise due to an injury or health issue
We can help!
Providing safe activities that offer your dog adequate mental stimulation will help keep them happy and calm.
Depending on your dog’s specific needs, the 1-hour session includes a combination of:


  • mental stimulation activities
  • fun training games
We can get you through this challenging period!

Tasha is a 16 month old border collie pup and we have been benefiting from regular Play Train Entertain sessions and Lisa’s expertise for a year now and I just wanted to take this opportunity to recommend Lisa and Play Train Entertain to anyone considering personalized training for their dog.

It is just Tasha and I living in a condo, and me with a full time job.  Knowing it would be challenging, I chose to engage Lisa’s expertise to give us the best possible chance of success.

Tasha is super excited for each and every session and regularly mentally tired after the sessions.  A very good sign for a very busy border collie.

Lisa regularly takes the time to explain Tasha’s training and progress to me and takes the time to recommend techniques and activities Tasha and I can take on together.

Strangers, friends and family regularly compliment Tasha on her good behaviour, while that makes me a very proud mom, the truth is the credit goes to Lisa and her patient training of both Tasha and I.

We could not be happier.

Janet B.