babyBRATS class 2


designed for your adolescent dog

(7 months – 2 years of age)

Prerequisite; babyBRATS 1


This class is intended for young dogs who have successfully completed babyBRATS 1. Along with a continued focus on developing impulse control, attention, confidence and social skills, we will also introduce 2 brand new behaviours and learn new skills for leash walking and recalls.

  • build better attention and focus
  • make your recall more reliable
  • learn new skills for loose leash walking
  • continue developing polite and skilled social behaviour
  • socialization and play sessions

Enjoy the benefits of being in a small class with an experienced, certified trainer.


Set of 5

$175 & tax



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Adolescence can be a challenging time for both dogs and their families.

Our babyBRATS class caters to the special needs of this age group.

We will help you teach your dog a useful variety of skills; including:
-being comfortable with being handled and moved
-developing a gentle mouth and taking care when interacting with people
-to Come when called
-develop Focus and Attention in the face of daily distractions
-walking politely on leash, including in the presence of other dogs

As a handler, you’ll learn:
-the very latest in positive reinforcement training techniques and information on dog behaviour
-how to make the most of your training time
-techniques for helping your dog through puppy and adolescent fear periods, or if your dog is on the shy side or needs help with fearful objects or situations
-mental stimulation exercises to help create a happy, relaxed and balanced dog
-learning to recognize signs of stress in dogs

adolescent dog