Partnership© With a Twist! Obedience Class

Suitable for dogs of any age

No prerequisite


This is a five-week group class focusing on Obedience but throwing in a twist – Tricks!

We include training for a variety of tricks designed to help make working with your dog even more fun. Most of the tricks can be turned into useful obedience skills or vice versa.


This fun class will teach you HOW to train your dog and get great results.


Enjoy the benefits of being in a small class with an experienced, certified trainer.


Set of 5

$175 & tax



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The Obedience:

Heel           Settle          Stay


The Tricks:

Spin           Bang           Crawl          Bow


Build Your Own Trick


Use the training you learn in class to design and teach your dog your own unique trick!


obedience training
obedience training