Is Dog Days right for you and your dog?

Lisa Kerley BSc KPA-CTP

Owner / Certified Trainer






Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner                   

Graduated with Distinction

Professional Premium Member, APDT  

 Assoc. of Professional Dog Trainers

 Full Member, Pet Professional Guild

The Assoc. for Force Free Professionals

Yellow Dog Project

BC Representative and Trainer

Lisa values the benefits of taking the time to develop a rapport with the dogs she meets. All interactions, whether as a part of care or training, put the well-being of the animal as a priority. Consideration, understanding and empathy are part of building trust and a healthy relationship.

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Lisa and her team provided care that was gentle and relaxing for our very senior dogs, as well as when they passed on,  providing a stimulating environment for our two puppies. Their understanding of how each dog is an individual and had unique needs makes the service head and tails above most dog daycares. In our house all we have to do is say: “Do you want to go to daycare?” and the dogs run to the front door.  Knowing they are in a safe and fun environment gives us peace of mind and having a sleepy dog at the end of the day is a treat for all of us.

Bob and Eileen Cook

I had tried every suitable daycare in my area and each place I took my boy to terrified him (and many smelled horrible). I finally tried Dog Days, even though it’s not close to home, and have been thrilled with the service!!! The facility is clean as a pin and all of the dogs enjoy themselves while at the same time learning through gentle encouragement and pawsitive reinforcement! He LOVES Lisa (the owner). He runs in to greet her with big howls and tail wags. By the time I pick him up, he has had his breakfast (which has to be assembled for him 20 minutes prior to his eating it by the staff), he is tuckered out and has had a rub down with calming aromatherapies. We couldn’t be happier with the care and attention at Dog Days!