The Dog Days Difference

Having a certified and experienced trainer on hand makes Dog Days unique.

Our dogs are monitored throughout their visits to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Visits go beyond just ‘baby-sitting’ or play time. We help develop and maintain savvy and appropriate social and play skills. Our unique daycare programs are┬ádesigned for your dog’s skill level and developmental phase.

We set our dogs up for success!

Starting each dog separately allows us to assess their personality, skill set and confidence. This helps each dog to get settled into the daycare in a manner that is appropriate for their individual needs.

We reinforce behaviour we like and focus on what we want our dogs to do. Corrections are not part of our handling or management.

Choke chains, prong collars and shock collars are not allowed.

Training and behavioural issues are discussed with parents and addressed. When appropriate, options are presented including private sessions or add-on training.