babyBRATS class 1


designed for your adolescent dog

(5 months – 2 years of age)

No Prerequisite


Whether you are already taking an obedience class or not, this is a great class for young dogs. It’s our survival skills for adolescent dogs and their families!

This class is specifically designed for helping young dogs, with a focus on developing impulse control, attention, confidence and basic manners. With these foundation skills, you and your young dog will be better-equipped to be successful in your training and everyday life!

  • develop attention and focus
  • build a reliable recall
  • develop polite greeting skills
  • teach the skills for loose leash walking
  • develop polite and skilled social behaviour
  • socialization and play sessions

Enjoy the benefits of being in a small class with an experienced, certified trainer.


Set of 6                    Set of 5

$190 & tax               $175 & tax

Depending on the time of year and how holiday weekends fall, some sets will be 5 sessions long and others will be 6 sessions.


Upcoming Classes

Group classes for May and June are FULL.
Please contact us to book private training.


adolescent dog


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